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Electrical Contractors in Chico

Chico Electrical Contractors have a variety of skills and experience in different areas of electrical service. While many people think of calling an electrician when they have an electrical problem in their home, many electrical contractors are branching out into other area of using electricity in the home.  Recent home theater system and solar demands have electricians doing more than just changing electrical panel fuses and electric light bulbs. Electrical Contractors in Chico have the skills and the highest regard for performance, longevity and reliability.

Working with a local Chico Electrician helps you in many ways.  In our "Do it Yourself" world, hiring an electrician solves many problems associated with electricity in our homes.  One, they are licensed by the state of California.  Qualified electricians must be licensed by the State in order to provide service.  This is for your safety and for the safety of the home.  Two, they will get the job done safely and much quicker than you can do it yourself.  Licensed Electrical Contractors have the experience and avoid common mistakes that "Do it Yourselfers" make.  They are also trained in the latest technique and building codes so that you avoid problems with local public agencies such as building and planning departments.

if you are building a new home, then hiring a licensed electrician is a must.  Experienced electricians know how to get the job done quickly and cost effectively.  The dangers associated with electricity require you hire a qualified electrician.  All electrical work done on new construction require a licensed electrician do the work.  This is for the public safety.

Electricians doing Solar Power Systems in Chico

Many people are looking for ways to save on electricity.  Electrician are perfectly qualified to help you.  Some people think that local electricians don't do a lot of work installing solar energy panels on homessolar electric installers in Chico CA and businesses, but they are wrong.  That perception is about to change as solar power is going to become a major provider of residential and commercial energy throughout the country in the coming years.  More and more electricians are studying solar power and learning how to help you use the new technologies being developed. 

Who else but electrical contractors are best suited to advise you on the way to save money using solar energy.   Look for Solar Energy Installers in Chico using Google and you'll find the best qualified companies to help you with your energy self sufficiency need.  If your electricity bills are sky high then installing a full rooftop solar system can immediately cut your dependence on the electrical grid.   Watch your bills go to zero with a complete system and make the meter spin backwards by putting extra electricity to the grid.  If cost is a concern, then talk to your Solar Power Installer in Chico about installing an expandable solar system that allows you to start getting an immediate benefit now and one that you can add to as finances become more available.  You solar contractor can also help to arrange for financing of your system if you need the help

Home Automation Lighting Controls Save Energy (managed by my Phone or IPAD)

What a surprise you'll discover when you learn that you can SAVE MONEY, by installing a lighting control system in your home.  Many people think that to automate the electrical system in your existing home is extremely expensive.  The fact is that you can install a home automation light control system that will actually pay you back in energy savings.  Not to mention really cool things like controlling the energy use of your house from afar using an AP from your cell phone.  Wow!  We've come a long ways in simplifying the method of automating the energy use of your home.  With wireless technology, you don't have to rewire your entire home to benefit from home automation.  Just replace the switches and outlets with "WIRELESS" switches and outlet and presto chango you now have an automatic GREEN home. 

"I was shocked to discover that for as little as $2,000.00 I can start automating my home energy usage and begin saving energy immediately.  And managing it can be as simple as installing the FREE ap on my IPhone or adroid phone or my IPAD Home Control AP."

Local electrical contractors in Chico work with National Home Automation System manufacturers like Lutron, Crestron Home Automation Control SystemsControl4. and others to bring the latest and greatest technology in home automation lighting control systems.  Click here to learn more about Home Automation


Electrical Services include:
and much more.

Replacing 2 standard light switches with Lutron dimmers

in every US home would save $1.5 billion in electricity.

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